Epictetus part 26: The Universal Will of Nature

A lot of things happen to people. Our property breaks or is destroyed; we are insulted or mistreated; our husband, wife or child dies. This can happen to all of us. Yet, our reaction to such misfortune is generally very different if it happens to others than if it happens to us. Epictetus reminds us that what happens is the same, whether it happens to us or someone else. The will of Nature is universal. Continue reading

Epictetus part 24: The Gift of Being a Good Person

This article is part of the weekly Epictetus series. New articles will be published every Monday.

The twenty-fourth paragraph of the Enchiridion is longer than usual. Here, Epictetus provides us with a dialogue similar to those in his Discourses. The subject of the dialogue is: how can you best help others? Epictetus maintains that, in order to help others, it is best that you take care to be a trustworthy and modest person. After all, you can only be truly helpful if you are a good person. Continue reading